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AF 4 days late and now brown cm what could this be?

Okay so, I am currently late for my period by 5 days. I ovulated around the 19th but I had ewcm again around the 24th which makes me think my body didn't ovulate the first time around and ended up ovulating again a week later. Anyways, so if I ovulated the second time around that would have put the brown cm starting at 12-13 dpo. This was yesterday and only when I wiped so I assumed my period came late and put a panty liner on and that was that. But this morning when I woke up my period was not here and now the brown cm is gone so it was only the one time when I wiped. I just wanted to see if anyone has had anything similar and ended up getting AF or ended up pregnant? At this point I'm not hopeful on being preggers this month I'm just frustrated because I can't start trying again until AF comes for sure. That being said, I'd be over the moon with a bfp! But again, not very hopeful for it just would like to know what this might be!

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In case anyone comes across this and wants an update. I ended up being pregnant, that was implantation bleeding and I got my BFP about 3 days later which resulted in my beautiful son! Now, I have just found out I am pregnant again, and the same thing has happened again. Only difference is this time I got a positive test about a week before I got the spotting, but again lasted about a day with no cramps and today it is gone. I have already had this pregnancy confirmed by my doctor so definitely pregnant and just spotting. I guess I am just one of those women who have implantation bleeding. To those who are worrying if they’re pregnant and spotting don’t be it’s completely normal and unless you’re having cramping and/or pains and bright red heavy bleeding you have nothing to worry about. :) baby dust to all and happy and healthy 9s to all my pregnant mamas!

2 years ago • Post starter

Congratulations for a second time! I was about to comment on the original post when I noticed how long ago it was. I'm so happy to see this wonderful update and I hope you have a healthy and happy 9months with your second baby!

2 years ago

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