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BYOB: Lets Make Some Babies!!

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Hi ladies!!

Lets start things off as usual.... with an introduction/update!

My name is Joy
I am 28 (29 in about a week), and dh is 29
we've been together 10yrs
Got married and bought a house together in 2009
From Canada
I'm currently a housewife, but hope to soon be a stay at home mom

I got pg back in the summer of 2010 then m/c'd at 8 weeks
We ttc for 8 cycles after the m/c, (10 months)
We have a nursery room all set up waiting for baby

I got a BFP on June 30th 2011
Had a missed m/c on Aug 18th 2011
Since then I have been rushed to the hospital 3 times for excessive bleeding (once via ambulance cause I passed out)
I have had 2 emergency D&C's, 2 Folley Ballooons, 3 blood transfusions of 2 bags each, & a Hysteroscopey. (Not to be confused with a "HysterECTAMY")

I Finally got back to TTC in Jan/Feb 2012 and on March 21st I got my BFP!
I am currently almost 11 weeks pregnant!
My first ob/gyn apt was Wed April 4th 2012
He put me on progestrone and asked to see me in 2 weeks
My next apts were April 19th 2012 & May 3rd
At our May 3rd apt (at 9 weeks5 days) we heard the best sound ever - our little one's heartbeat!!
We're going for our 1st non-diagnostic u/s on May 15th!
My due date is Dec 1st 2012!

This is truly an amazing group of ladies & I really hope our string of luck (& bfps) continues!! ladies!


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Thanks Krunchie! That gives me hope for sure :) I thought I was preggers last month and still wasnt convinced that I wasnt after my AF started then. Hmmm did you have a "normal" AF when you were 1st pregnant? I have heard of it even though its not as common.

Im so glad to have girls to share this with. Thanks for everyone's input and stories

5 years ago

Hey Everyone!!

My names Alicia and DH is Patrick. We are both 28. We have two fur-babies, Payton (10) and Diamond (4). Both yellow labs and without them I don't think I would survive the evils of unexplained infertility!

We got married in August of 2008 and I was on BCP on and off for the first year of married life. Then went off them in August 2009 when we were NTNP. Officially had "the talk" in March of 2009 and have been actively TTC ever since. No real pregnancies to speak of. One HCG surge or whatever my gyno wants to call it. I personally believe I was pregnant and it ended in a chemical pregnancy, that was January 2012. We finally were able to have our first appointment at the fertility clinic near us on January 30th, 2012 where we got a whole new plan of action! I found on on February 29th that I OFFICIALLY have PCOS. It had been speculated but nobody though to look close enough in the million ultrasounds I had over the past few years.

We are currently on our second IUI cycle, our first being this past March. The first one went off without a hitch, except I didn't conceive. This one, not so much. But after two rounds of clomid in the same cycle I finally had my second IUI this morning and hoping for a BFP in 2 weeks!

Good Luck to all! I wanted to respond to everyone but I am exhausted and have been fighting back a headache all night.

Me: Alicia (29) ~ DH: Patrick (29) TTC #1 Since August 2009 with PCOS 1st & 2nd (March & May 2012) IUI Cycles w/ Clomid = BFN's 6/24/12 - 3rd IUI cycle w/ Gonal-F and Lupron. IUI on 7/9. TWINS! Born 2/11/13 Back on the NTNP train as of September 2013 hoping for a boy someday!

5 years ago

Gummy ans Army wife....with my first pregnancy I had horrible AF like cramps!!! I wen out and bought tampons 3 days before my BFP!!! Good luck!!!!!!!

5 years ago

bumble - all body parts are crossed for you for two weeks time!! BFP for you and appointment for me!!!

Armywife, my cycles are different each month, as in amount, length, pain etc. the bleeding i had when i was preg was quite light and short and early but it wasnt out of the ordinary totally. but when i got it confirmed with my doc i mentioned the bleeding as it can signify ectopic and he arranged a 6 week scan instad of 8 weeks but i didnt get that far and was in emergency at 5 weeks. had to have an internal scan at the emergency room as external scan didnt show anything. next time i am preg, i have discussed with my normal doctor that i can get multiple early blood tests to ensure the levels are going up properly and early scans to ensure its not in the tube again. but that might change with what ever the specialist says.

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5 years ago

Hello my fabulous BYOB ladies! And a BIG welcome to all the new ladies! I've been following this thread for a year now and it's brought me lots of comfort!

My name is Nicole, I'm 32 & dh is 35.
We've been married since Aug. 08
I am a Massage Therapist and I specialize in Prenatal, Labor & Postpartum massage, so I'm around pg woman all the time. It can be bittersweet at times.
We had my dd in Sept. 09'.
We were ntnp as of Feb. 11', and started actively ttc in May '11. Found out I was pg in July and Sept 27th at my 12 week appt, found out I lost our lil' one. :-(

It took 4 months for me to finally "finish" my m/c after my D&C. Uhg! Then another 3 months to get a "normal" cycle, and now I am finally ttc this cycle! Soo excited!!! I am 2 dpo. Just knowing I'm finally in my 2ww makes me all giddy and excited! :-)


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5 years ago

Nicole and Bumble: fingers crossed you caught that eggy!!

Army wife: I have had what seemed to be normal AF every month and on time. It is a tiny bit lighter but nothing that made me decide to test.... It wasnt until I was in the hospital and getting an ultrasound when I found out I was 18 weeks! So its definately possible but from what I have been reading not common at all!

Krunchie: Definately was the best suprise ever!! I feel dumb for trying so hard for the past few months when I could have been enjoying my pregnancy (had I known lol) Hoping your appointment atleast gets you a plan to get that baby!!

Gummy Bear: Fingers crossed u get you BFP in a few days!!

Snow: Good luck!!! Let us know if you get that BFP!!!!

Tessa: Welcome to the thread!

Tricia: Hoping you are able to get preggo right away!! good luck!!

Abc: I really should have been on the look out! I am a twin and my mom got AF for the first 5 months of a 7 month pregnancy with us! I dont think I have even gotten my head around the fact that Im halfway threw! haha. Fingers crossed the witch stays away this weekend!!

Thats as far as it will let me scroll back haha... well im just leaving now for my drs appointment... hoping I get this things straightened out and baby is healthy..thank god I started taking pre natals when I started TTC!!!

TTC #2 for 17 months DD: 5 DH:25 Me:25 User Image User Image

5 years ago

Hello ladies!

My name is Betsy. I am 35, DH is 32.
We've been together 11 years, married 8.
He is a police officer and I am and admin assistant.
We are in Indiana.
I have one DS who is 16 from my first marriage.

We have been doing some combination of NTNP&TTC for this cycle, so I am a newbie... Just learned about CP a couple of weeks ago! (I say NTNP&TTC because my husband doesn't want it to feel like work so I am taking folic acid, cutting out alcohol and back on caffeine and tracking O by days and CP and we BD EOD, but no one has yet picked up an OPK or basal thermometer. DEFINITELY no fertility testing yet, but it would be too early anyway.)

I had a Dr. appt for annual exam and Pap on Tuesday and discussed plans/concerns with her. She explained that I am high risk because of my age and the age of my eggs, but that BCP may have preserved them somewhat and I am in excellent shape physically to get pregnant. HOWEVER, I had a cone biopsy done years ago, so I will be in every 2 weeks to measure cervial length, should I get to be pregnant and that puts me at even higher risk. ALSO, since I am newly off BCP and over 35, I am at a higher risk for multiples (most likely twins).

SO, I am 9-10DPO and CD23 and, if I get a BFP, it could be a wild ride!

Hope it is cool if I keep coming here and that I didn't dump too much info on you at once...

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5 years ago

thank you for the welcome and and to all. hopefully we all get our soonn

User Image[/url][/url] Me=28 DH=27 DS=born 8.16.07 DS=born 1.20.10 TTC#3 ing for a

5 years ago

Welcome to the new ladies and hello to the rest!

So yesterday I mention I had some cramps in the late morning that only lasted about 30 mins. Well, around 6:30 pm after I went to the bathroom I noticed about a quarter sized spot of pink blood. I thought this might be early spotting for AF and just shrugged it off. Since then I have had nothing. I am now 8-9dpo and I think this may have been IB. Have any of you had experience with IB?

Man, this cycle is giving me so much hope. I really hope this will be the one that works and sticks around for 9, healthy months. FX's.

5 years ago

Hi ladies!!

I apologize I am at home with a sick nephew so I dont really have much time to reply, usually I would go through and take notes, but today I only had time to read! I will try to respond to everyone later!

Whoever asked (there were a couple of you) if you could have af cramping and then get a bfp: YES! Before all 3 of my bfps I had af cramping... would have sworn af was coming, and the cramping continued for a week or so after my bfp too.. so no worries, af cramping doesnt mean you're out of the running!

To all the new ladies - Welcome to the thread! This is such an amazing a supportive group of ladies I am sure you will all love it here!! We are so glad to have more ladies to chat with - if any of the newbies have any questions feel free to ask, nothing is tmi, and between all of us someone is sure to have an answer for you! Wishing you all & lots of

Jess - Yay for IB!!!!

Jenn - So excited for your apt today.... how did it go??

bumble - Woohoo for your 2nd iui!! Hope it worked!!

Will try to respond to everyone else later! Hope everyone is doing great though!!
xx Joy

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