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Strange short cycle this month

So we are TTC,(took a break this month because of holidays) but thought we may have had a chemical for the December cycle. BD on November 28, spotted on December 7th and AF came on December 15th)
Did a test on the 13th faint line then disappeared. This is why we think it was maybe a chemical.
I'm normally 31-32 days cycle.

January 9th (days 25 of my cycle) we were going to have some fun, as we been stressed out over the Xmas/new years, and put the TTC on hold, so a little less stress.

I go into the bathroom and there is AF!!!!
I have just finished December 19th and she is here again on January 9th.

I have been 31/32 days for as long as I can remember (30 years at least)
Has anyone ever had this happen to them before? Is my body playing tricks on me?
According to my chart, is says I was fertal 4 days again after I stopped AF In December
(I'm 42 years old)
please I would like some light on this

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Implantation bleed? Have you tested again since 13th?

1 year ago

if the earlier bleed was an early m/c it is quite frequent to have a shorter cycle subsequently (the ovulation came earlier than usual)

1 year ago

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