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Light bleeding 5wks 5days...

Today @ 6wks 5 days I noticed very light bleeding this morning only when I wipe. I know this can happen sometimes as I did this with my last pregnancy in which I was expecting b/gtwins but lost my precious daughter @ 29 weeks. If I remember correctly it was around the same time as well and amount. I'm still a little on the edge and just need a little reassurance I guess. I'm not in pain but my stomach has a funny feeling however, I had an old fashion classical cut so I feel this way sometimes just a little achy. I took a pregnancy test just to check my line progression havent in a while if anyone wants to take a look. Pls advice someone? Pls share thanks in advance.

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as long as it is light and you dont cramp i wouldnt be concerned. only if it gets stronger.
the test is at max. darkness so no use for further progression. when is your appointment?

1 year ago

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