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Clearblue Digital VS. New Choice (dollar store cheapie)

8dpo/ today I took a pregnancy test clearblue digital & it was POSITIVE BFP!!! Then I took another HPT cheap dollar store brand and it was a BFN, which one do I believe? Completely lost, HELP?????? I've taken several clearblue digital tests since 4dpo and they all came
back BFP even an ept test came back positive, I'm confused. HELP??????

What could this mean???

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I'd believe the digital and all the other + tests they are probably more sensitive to the hormone level. The cheap test may not have worked and been a false negative. Or your urine could have had less hormone in it. I'd say you are pregnant with having so many positive tests

If you're concerned about your hormone levels etc you could ask your doctor to do a blood test to confirm your pregnancy and that the hormone level is good.

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5 years ago

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