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Sensitive teeth 9dpo?

I'm 9 dpo today and the past 3 days my teeth have been VERY sensitive to anything, especially really hot or really cold foods and drinks. I couldn't find it on the symptoms list, but some places online said it could be a early pregnancy symptom.
Any people experienced this as a symptom?

Doing my best to not read too much into anything this month, but the teeth thing was unusual, and also today I have had REALLY sore boobs (NOT like AF boobs, much more sore & sensitive). These are the only 2 symptoms I can't chalk up to anything else other than possible pregnancy symptoms.

The rest can be attributed to other things (runny nose, backache, cramps, headache, exhaustion)

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My teeth have driven me insane since 9dpo.. it's so strange x

5 months ago

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