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High Hcg at 4w 2d- 1629! Possible twins?

I am so relieved and happy - my Hcg test today at 4 weeks 2 days came back at 1629!!! I am just simply curious as to what you all thought of this number? According to online charts I should be only 50-500- so I was shocked to say the least!

Am I crazy to wonder if it's twins in there?????
would anyone mind sharing their Hcg levels with me?

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High HCG does not always mean twins, you could be farther along then you think or just produced allot of HCG that's way there are such big ranges of what's normal at any given point.. With my last DD my HCG at 4weeks even was 1782 only one little one. But of course it gets you thinking maybe there is two in there, ask for a early US that's really the only sure way to say. That's what I did & I got it I also said I was not sure of my last US whi he'd helped. Happy a Heathy Nine months to you!!

3 years ago

Suck in the TWW & just wanted to check in with you & see if you got a early US or not? Did you ever get a 2nd beta too, that can be more telling of teins ten just one as with teins it will triple or more when it goes up but not always so. Well I hope all is going smooth & your feeling good.

3 years ago

Hey ravenmama! I hate the tww! I hope yours is going by fast for you!!! I did get my second Hcg - she didn't tell me the exact # but said it was over 3200 and looking great. They won't do an ultrasound until 7 weeks to make sure we don't get a false reading. I'm pretty nervous that I don't feel very sick... Although I know it's early days still. So I have ANOTHER tww as I count down the days until my appt. I would just die of shock if they said there were twins in there! Ive convinced myself there's just one - and I'm thankful for it either way!

3 years ago • Post starter

Sounds like your numbers are going up nice that's Great! You will have to come back here & let me know if you do have twins in there:)
Still waiting here no AF or BFP:(

3 years ago

No twins! But my boy is 2 now and it all worked out!

4 months ago • Post starter

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