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Anyone hear of Fertibella??

Hello. I was just wondering if anyone has ever taken Fertibella before and what your outcome was. I am on month 2 now and hoping that this will be my lucky month. I have been trying to conceive now for 4 years. I'm finding out that getting pregnant is much harder than I thought :-/

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Hi, I was on Fertibella, I did the first month and the second month... I don't like to comment bad news but I want you to know about this product. The side effects that I recieved from this drug was, really bad headaches and WEIGHT GAIN, I recommend that you check your weight everyday. I was not a fan of the weight gain and plus it didn't work for me either, but who knows you could be different!!!! I pray it works for you, Just watch your weight cause I STILL have the weight and it's HARD to drop it... I was 134 when I started taking Fertibella I am now 167 but im tall (5'7) but still that's a big jump... I read alot of positive stuff searching the internet about Fertibella, try YOUTUBE, it will show you different women who are currently trying it or in the process of trying it... But I they were not so many recent reviews and posts... Again Good Luck....

5 years ago

Thanks for your response :) I'm glad I met someone that has tried it. Yeah I have noticed the weight gain. Not alot but a little. I haven't gotten headaches from it yet. But the thing it did do for me was regulate my cycle. So hopefully something good will happen soon. I also read alot of good things about it. I watched the videos on you tube also. Did you try anything else after fertibella? If so, did it work?

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HI! I tried clomin and that didn't work I just took letrozole and my first iui and I am in my 2WW period so IDK if it worked or not, took some HPT and they came out POSITIVE, but I read that they could have been FALSE POSITIVE,, I am currently 8DPO... still wating... What other stuff have you tried, and did it work...?

5 years ago

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