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Positive Pregnancy tests getting lighter?

Hey everyone- thanks for helping me out. I have been ttc for 8 months now. I have had 4 early mc.

I am currently 4 weeks pregnant and have been getting positive tests since 8 dpo using 10 miu internet tests. The line has steadily gotten darker and darker which was a great sign because in the past they stayed fairly light and then my miscarriage would start. So I was hopeful and even called my dr yesterday to schedule an u/s around 8 weeks.

Well this morning (my period is due today) I took another test just to see that super dark line for reassurance- and it is lighter than the test from 2 days ago at 12 dpo.

It's a weekend and I can't call for Hcg until Monday so I'm just looking for anyone that experienced positive pregnancy tests go from very dark to visibly lighter- and still had a positive pregnancy outcome? Or is this a sign my levels are dropping again?

All my tests were taken first thing in the morning and are all the same brand.

Thanks for any input!

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Hey my advice to you is to stop testing , your pregnant enjoy it :) testing everyday and comparing the lines will drive you crazy trust me I was once that person and all it did was take over my life googling 24-7 no matter how many tests you take it won't change the outcome either way , I once used the Internet dip strips all the same batch in the same urine one after the other and guess what all the lines where different shades of darkness of the same urine , take your folic acid and vitamin d and try to relax as hard as that may sound :) I'm sure everything is just fine

3 years ago

I just had a look at your tests the variation is the kind I saw using the same urine , their is different amount of dye in each test I'd be concerned if it went from blazing positive which it is now to a Barley their line like your first test

3 years ago

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