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Wondfos. HELP!!!

Anyone having trouble with Wondfos?
Three days late for Af; no sign of her. I had what I believe was Implantation cramps 10-13dpo and have had a few symptoms - being TIRED and swollen bbs mainly are the most pronounced.
FEEL pg; but can't get a bfp. :(
Wondfos Exp 8/15 and the lot number is w00130812-3
Any info?
I'm going crazy. :(

5 Answers • 9 years ago



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Your are probably just late :( I was late 5 days! Never happened before!!! Unless pregnant. But no I was just late.

9 years ago

It's entirely possible that stress related to trying to get pregnant is affecting your cycle. Stress not only screws up your hormones, but it can also make you feel exhausted mentally and physically, as well as screwing up other things, and causing acne breakouts, food cravings, etc.

I wish that there were some clear-cut pregnancy symptoms we could all see, rather than ones that resembled PMS, you know!? It would seriously cut down on stress if there was a chart that said, "On 10dpo, your tongue will turn blue if you're pregnant," and that was the only other time the tongue ever turned blue. lol >.>

8 years ago

I've had the opposite issue with Wondfos, showing faint lines and then getting my period. They are cheap tests. Not perfect, but so much cheaper than anything else out there. I used them until they drove me crazy then went and bought a FRER for those "I have to know right now" moments. they are usually correct, but if you have to know then get a better test. Or wait a few days.

8 years ago

One time I was pregnant and Clear Blue digital was positive, as was the blood test, but the Wondfo was negative. GL!

8 years ago

I have the same batch and am experiencing the same thing. AF should have been here 3 days ago, but no sign in sight and no + on the tests. Any update on your results? I am trying to decide if it is time to go buy new tests.

8 years ago

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