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Over 40 ttc, I KNOW I'm not the ONLY one!

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I am 42, ttc and wondering if there are any other ladies out there wanting to share their journey. Doesn't -matter if it's your first or your 8th, would love to cycle with you! I am using opk, pre-seed, maca, and other vitamins. Have been told I have border line fsh and not much time! On cycle 2 ttc after a TR in March. Sent my bbt chart to Dr. and was told I was bd-ing too much! whoops! Will cut back this cycle. I am on cd2 and super excited for this round!

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hi Swimmom the prayer book that you are reading i was trying to find it but brought up a few with diffrnt authors can u tell me who the author is please sounds like a good read. Angel yes Im doing the bd dance too a bit early but u know practice makes perfect lol. Mommy1990 sorry you had to go thru that i understand the feeling 100%. TTC2 keep going girl we are here routing for ya, i too keep it hush hush just a select handful know I am ttc. Swimmom Amen to that We are going to be glorifying the lord with our babies after 40 !!!! LOVE it. Oh and i also stay for 30 minutes after the dance sometimes i fall asleep lol wake up the next day smh lol I am determined. Myriam14 got my fingers crossed for you for you as well Number3. Daph317 welcome aboard. Holly3307 welcome to the club. lol. As you may have read ladies my SIL is preggers with twin boys and ive been asked to organize the babyshower just today she asked me to go with her to do the baby registry sooooooooo yeah...IM ok tho like i said im happy for her but looking at all the baby items at the baby store ..sigh.. well u know the rest. I have to try to come on here on the weekend as you girls can see im trying to catch up with my reading lol. Im soo happy I found a support group cuz im gonna need it planning this babyshower I am making the centerpieces and favors GULP!! Im fine im fine. really ......OK i will be fine. lol. baby dust to you all and my prayers go out to all of you. Keep up the dance.

5 years ago

hey chacha keep the faith,,,I've got to hand it to you planning the baby shower you are awesome for doing that@ God will bless you for it...I'm not sure what book I was talking about, because i am an avid reader, but I am reading Prayer of Petition by ....last name is Seville...why can't i think of the first name and the book is in the room with my sleeping great dane puppy...there is no way i am going to go wake him up...Jerry Seville I think...really awesome book and faith builder....

Nobody knows we are ttc right now and I plan on waiting till the 2nd trimester before i tell anyone....

feeling gassy and bloated.... also having more cm than usual......

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5 years ago • Post starter

angel-i totally see a line, im not kidding!!!!! praying for you!!!!!

vivy I like your

welcome Holly, will be here pulling for you...xoxoxox

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5 years ago • Post starter

Swimmom-dang I thought maybe I was going nuts, but then hubby said he saw it. don't really want to get my hopes up to high, yaaaaayyy, you saw it, I'm not crazy, lol. Todays is a little faint still but only 9dpo. So still rather early, FX this lil bean sticks he/she was conceived on our 18th anniversary

Also if I am, estimated due date is March 4. My parents anniversary was the 1st.

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5 years ago

oh my gooderness, I'm almost sure I have a def positive from this morning. What are y'alls thoughts? scared to get my hopes up, hoping if this a +, this lil bean sticks.

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5 years ago

Hi everyone... I'm new here... am 41, husband is 40, we are TTC 1st since March 2012 after coil out in Feb 2012...

We never wanted children until now, when it seems right, although we've been together for 10yrs (ish), we only got married late last year, discussed trying around Xmas, and finally made decision to try in January, just after I turned 41, as I said, kinda now or never, to give ourselves some kind of realistic chance.

It's a tough ride at this age.. and a heck of a learning curve about all things to do with fertility and TTC.

This cycle I added in a bunch of extra stuff, and husband takes male fertility tab too, so shall see if they all work... waiting to test or for AF next week...

I look forwards to sharing with everyone.. as a cycle buddy from another App/website suggested trying this website.. so here I am.

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5 years ago

Hi ladies,

Would you mind me joining this thread? I saw a familiar face here, angel, she is also on the Over 35 thread...

I am 42, turning 43 next month. My DBF is 48, turning 49 next month. I have a son from a previous relationship, he just turned 5 this week. I wish the circumstance in my life would have been such that I could have gotten him a sibling much earlier - better for me (my eggs are too old) and better for him (closer in age). Well, life is not like this... as we all know.

Anyway, we have been trying for a year now. We started trying IVF cycles last year, one in September and one in November, both BFN. There were also many natural cycles. After the second failed IVF, we took 4 months off and I went on a ton of supplements including DHEA. We did our most recent IVF in May and I got pregnant. Unfortunately I just had to undergo a D&C because the baby had stopped growing at around 6w2d and there was no hb at 8w2d.

My RE says I could try again possibly as early as August, maybe it's going to be September. One month will not make a difference at this point, I suppose. I just went back on my extensive supplement regimen and need to look ahead to keep me focused and help me cope.

I've been on IVF cycle threads during my treatments, but right now I think it would also be great to talk to women over 40 who more or less all face the same issue - that of aging ovaries... Everytime one of us gets a BFP it makes me hopeful. So I hope you don't mind me tagging along and lurking for a bit, while I wait for my cycle to restart so I can go back to TTC and our next and last IVF eventually.



Me: 43 DBF: 49 13 unsuccessful cycles TTC IVF #3: u/s 8w2d: bean stopped growing, no hb , 06/21 D&C IVF #4 BFP - it's a girl! 06-03-2013 Fiona Isabel was born

5 years ago

Angel- I just saw your test!

5 years ago

Toronto-glad to see ya over here,wonderful ladies over here too :)

Mommy1990-Thank you, trying not to get to excited and keeping it to myself for now, today is AF day and so far a no show. Did some research and I have lupus which can cause m/c, so wondering if this is what the problem has been. Also found an article that pregnant women with lupus should be put on Heparin and baby aspirin. My OB has never said anything in regards to this, other than I am considered high risk because of the lupus, but I am taking the baby aspirin. Just been trying to find if there is anyone on here somewhere that has dealt with this. things do seem a bit different this time around, I am already extremely nauseous and lots of symptoms.

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5 years ago

Angel - sending much !

Welcome Torontochick! I too am on both the 35+ and this's nice to have both groups to lean on and find strength and comfort.

Similar to you, my ob/gyn would like me to start IVF and is sending me off to a reproductive endo. Before starting I'll be getting an HSG, next cycle as it's too late this time around and my DH will be getting a sperm analysis done again.

I have my first reproductive appt on Aug 20 (earliest availability). For some reason, after being told last week by my ob/gyn that the reason for us not conceiving has to do w/ the quality of my ovaries was really difficult to hear. Although it's not a surprise (TTC x2 years)'s just tough to finally be told you dx of infertility is d/t poor ovarian quality.

Hope everyone else is hanging in there....the forum has been kind of quiet lately....thinking of all of you, sending much .


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5 years ago

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