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When, oh when does the massive bloating go away?!

I would sooo much rather have a baby bump right off the bat then the massive bloating I have right now! I don't remember ever being this bloated with my first!! I'm only 4wks 6 days now, and my clothes are already tight and uncomfortable. I haven't gained weight, just bloat. Anyone know when the bloating goes away??

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I was bloating all week as soon as I hit 6 weeks but that seems to have calmed down yesterday (6 weeks and 4 days) but instead I've now got increased bowel movements!

Jess xx

5 years ago

Jessica, thank you for your reply! I surely hope I only have a week or 2 left of this bloat. Lol. Don't know that I'd willingly trade it for increased bowel movements, but if that's what it takes...LOL.

5 years ago • Post starter

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