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HELP!!! CD35/31 2 BFN but Clumpy white/yellow CM and no AF

I'm on CD 35 of a usual 31 day cycle. Been having clumpy white/yellow discharge - not a ton of it, but just clumps here and there and a lot of it after my husband and I DTD (sorry TMI).
I wasn't going to obsess over this this month, so just decided to not track ovulation etc. I do know I noticed being very wet from soon after my period to way late from when O should've been had ECWM for like 3 weeks; turned into a creamy, stringy, thick cm and its still that way.
But I got 2 BFNs; on CD32 and 33. I'm out of HPTs now and don't plan to get anymore 'til Friday - to keep myself from obssessively POAS. :)
Other symptoms I've been having is upset stomach, nausea, LOTS of sinus problems - drainage, sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat; dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, and insomnia.

Anyone else go through this? What was the outcome?

HELP!! Going crazy here!

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i am on cycle day 29/25. for the last 8 months my cycle has been 25 days exact. i am never late. i also took 2 pregnancy test on cycle day 25 and 26 and both BFN so i told myself i am not taking anymore until Sunday. so i am very frustrated!! .. baby dust too you. keep me updated . the only symptoms i have been having is on and off nausea. i am also extremely tired. and a very bad lower back ache. I never experience that even doing AF. i'm just hoping that i either get a BFP or AF soon.

9 years ago

Thanks for responding bbyblue91.
I'll certainly update.

9 years ago • Post starter

baby dust to you too!

9 years ago • Post starter

I had CM a few cycles ago a day or two before I was due for AF and I read it could be early sign of BFP or impending period. Mine was AF but its normal for eitheroutcome.

9 years ago

Ok yall. I couldn't wait 'til Friday; bought 3 Dollar Tree tests. Took one last night, and then one this morning with FMU; both BFN. :/
WTH is going on?
I'm bought to pull my hair out here!
I'm 5 days late for AF.
My biggest symptom is that my bbs are NOT sore; i've NEVER had a cycle where my bbs didn't get sore around time for AF.

9 years ago • Post starter

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