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TTC - New and looking for cycle buddies

Hi I am 24 and DH is 29 and we are trying for number one after being married almost two years.

We have been trying for a few months without much success.

I am currently cd 2/3 and lookinf for anyone who wants to chat or be buddies. I am starting to temp this month as well as opks and preseed.

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I'll be your cycle buddy! I'm on CD 3! My husband and I are TTC #1 as well and this will be our 3rd cycle trying. Me-26, DH-27

We have been married 5 years and weren't planning on TTC for another year. However, my husband was just diagnosed with a grade 3 varicocele during an annual physical and the doctors said we pretty much have to go straight to IUI/IVF in order to conceive. We decided to go ahead and try on our own first for 6 months (since we weren't expecting to start TTC now anyways) and then might try something different if his SA comes back bad again after all of the vitamins I'm pumping in him!

I temped last month for the first time and we used OPKs, but apparently neither of those helped us...hoping for better luck this month!

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Sorry to hear about the issues with you husband. I hope you get your BFP without having to try for much longer!

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Thanks! I hope y'all do too!

I'm just trying not to stress about it yet. A part of me wishes we hadn't found out about it so we could just enjoy this time. Trying to stay positive since it is only our 3rd month trying :) I know it can take normal couples around 9 months so that gives me a little more hope!

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Hi ladies,

I am 25 and also ttc #1. I am 8dpo and hoping this is our month. We have been ttc since July last year. My husband has also been diagnosed with varicocele a few months ago. I still have hope that we will conceive naturally.

I wish we had never found out also but I have heard some success stories! Who knows how many men out there conceive naturally and never know they have a varicocele.

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Hi KateS86! Glad you are joining us! Wish I was already 8dpo instead of on CD 8! My husband has the same viewpoint as you and I am trying to see it that way too :) It is very true, that there are probably loads of couples who don't even realize they have infertility problems and were successful on their own! I just hate how the doctors push IUI/IVF so quickly once you are diagnosed. They aren't getting our money that easy :)

Has your husband had the surgery to fix the varicocele? We are going to wait about a year (if it takes that long) before we consider it. I've read mixed reviews about the surgery and the SAs after worry me there anything your husband has done/changed since the diagnosis? All my husband has changed so far is wearing boxers, no alcohol/caffeine, and lots of vitamin E. His sperm count and motility were great (153 mil and 79%) on his first SA two months ago, but his morph was 3% strict making him sub fertile :( I know it only takes one though!

Hoping it's your month too! Stay positive! Keep us updated!

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Our doctor was trying to talk us into surgery pending the results of the SA. I am not real keen on the idea myself only that the samples can change so much from month to month so how do they really know the surgery has made a difference? I am no doctor though I suppose.

Only changes we have made are also the boxers and he has cut back on alcohol (he doenst have much caffeine anyways) and has started taking multi vitamins.

He had a similar result in the SA to your dh, only really the morphology was a small problem. Thats right though it does only take 1!!

Hope you have some good luck and we can both prove those doctors wrong!

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I have been a bit slack with the replies. Lovely to meet you both. How are you both going this month? Sorry to hear you are both having issues with Husbands fertility.

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Hi there!

I am 26, DH is also 26. We've been married about 2.5 years. We've been ttc for 5 months with no luck. I am currently on cd9.

I stress out about this a lot. In March, I found out my sister-in-law was pregnant after being married for only a month. That has added some stress. We keep telling ourselves we really haven't been trying that long, but when somebody gets PG after one month of trying, you really start to doubt yourself.

Anyway, we're not using many fertility aids quite yet. I drank a glass of decaf green tea every day last month. I also completely cut out caffeine. I don't drink coffee anyway, but I cut out the diet coke, etc. But that didn't seem to help. I've been taking prenatals daily for the past few months. This month, I am just going about my life as usual. Trying not to put too much pressure on myself. I'm charting my bbt, which I didn't do the first few months. OPKs last month and this month. Also going to start checking CM. I'm considering using preseed as my CM never seems to become ewcm. Not that I notice anyway. How did you get the preseed? Do you have to order it online?


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Hi all, I'm on CD11, and i've been looking for people who are TTC as well. I'm 30, DH 30 as well... We each have children from prior relationship but none together. We have been TTC since March, no success. This month, we started using the ClearBlue digital OPK. I got my :) smiley this morning, so we are going to BD for the next 3 days, and hopefully will have good success. I've has EWCM for the past 2 days so I think its safe to think this is my time to O. I'm so glad we did the OPK testing, this whole time we thought my O time was CD 16-18, so we were way off.

I've been having a panic attack all day after seeing that :) smiley this morning... a hundred and one thoughts run through my head. I just bought the BBT thermometer and it arrived yesterday. I figured i'd start charting tomorrow, but not sure what good it'll do since the +OPK came today. I've heard of people having 2 LH surges one early and one later when O occurs... Has anyone experienced this?

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Hi Ladies! CD 12 now and still negative OPKs...Last month I ovulated on CD 14, or at least that is what Fertility Friend thinks, which was the same day I got my first positive OPK. I check two times a day so hopefully I can catch it again. We BD'd CD 11, 13, 14 & 15 last month with no luck so trying CD 11-15 this month...

Hope you have better luck this month, nannb2012, with the OPK help!

Emijeanz, I completely understand the frustration of people getting pregnant asap...Almost everyone around us is pregnant or already pregnant with their second child easily! It's only month 3 for us TTC, and I'm already frustrated...I read all of these posts about women who say "just stop trying and it will happen naturally" and wonder if they really weren't "trying"! It makes it harder to not "try" when we know we are dealing with MIF now...We HAVE to try harder...ugh. I just hate how they scared us in school that the first time you have unprotected sex, whenever it is, you get pregnant. If I would have known how complicated it would be we would have started earlier and I wouldn't have even bothered with stupid BCP and all of their horrible side effects...

Trying to stay positive though...I hope we can prove those doctors wrong, KateS86!

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