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EWCM and watery me understand, please!

For the past 4 cycles (including this one) I've been tracking my CM. What I've noticed this time around is I had EWCM for maybe a day or two and since then it's been watery. I'm not saying that it's dripping wet, but when I stick my finger up there my cervix is high and seems to be open/slightly open and it's like a slippery wet. Today it doesn't seem as wet, but it's still wet lol From what I remember from the other cycles I've been tracking, I don't remember this watery CM after EWCM. Did I even ovulate yet?? I've been BD with the hubby since I noticed the EWCM.


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Hi! Is the watery stuff coming out or just inside you? Remember that it should always be wet inside there. So when checking your finger should always come out moist. Usually EWCM comes after watery cm for me, but you could be different! Have you thought about charting your BBT? That would take the guesswork out of it as it would tell you whether or not you had ovulated.

4 years ago

it's not dripping off my finger, but its definitely a wet feeling. I had EWCM, but now its watery. never had this the other cycles. cervix is still high and feels some what open.

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