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Is insomnia a sign of early pregnancy? I can't get to sleep before 2am suddenly.

I am 9DPO and along with gas, random cramping, burping - now I can't get to sleep at a regular hour! I go to sleep at 1 am - 2am and sleep till 11am or noon. I use to go to bed by 10 -11pm. Anyone else have sleep pattern disturbances?

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All of your other symptoms sound promising! I am not sure if insomnia is a pregnancy symptom though.. I know fatigue is and sleeping a lot. Maybe it goes both ways! Baby dust to you and I hope you get your BFP

4 years ago

Insomnia certainly was a symptom for me!

4 years ago

Thank you mamasmb and Lexibaby for you answers! Baby dust for both of you!

4 years ago • Post starter

With my first, I had horrendous insomnia. It was terrible! With my current pregnancy, I never had insomnia but would wake up super early. Changes in sleep patterns is a definite symptom for me.

4 years ago

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