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9 dpo and symptoms have stopped!

I am currently TTC #1 and have been having "symptoms" up until today.
0-3dpo- nothing
4dpo- nausea, exhaustion, creamy CM
5dpo- exhaustion, mild cramping, tender breasts, thicker CM
6dpo- exhaustion, mood swings, crankiness, tender breasts, wet CM
7po- same as 6do, but added abdomenal twinges
8dpo- same as 6dpo
9dpo- practically nothing. a little breast tenderness and middle back ache. Extrememly tired. Other than that... absolutely nothing.

Thinking about testing tomorrow. Any thoughts? Anyone stopped having symptoms at this stage and have a HPTP?

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Oh, I was also EXTREMEMLY gassy for DAYS!!!!

5 years ago • Post starter

I have similar symptoms. 10dpo today and a neg test this morning. Then this afternoon, having some pinching on both sides of abdomen... gut feeling says AF is gonna be here by bedtime. So super sucky! I really wanted a BFP this cycle.

I wonder if my hormones are just crazy out of control and that is causing all of my symptoms? I have no idea what's going on.

Do you have symptoms back today? Anything new?

Fingers crossed for you!

5 years ago

I tested yesterday at 10dpo and got a BFN. Ugh. Today and yesterday have been extremely tired. Extremely. Also, frequent urination. Sometimes tender breasts especially up near armpit. Nothing else. CM seems dry, no abdominal pain. Sometimes minor pinches or twinges that I could be making up. Feel crappy. So weepy and sad. Who knows. Pretty sure I'm out, but I'll wait for AF.

Good luck to you. Please keep me posted :)

5 years ago • Post starter

Tested again at 12dpo but not using my FMU. Also a BFN. Had some spotting at 13dpo but just once on toilet paper. Supposed to get AF today. She didn't come. Will test tomorrow again.

5 years ago • Post starter

Hi, (not in very good mood) I hope all is well with you other TTC women. I took an HCG SHOT ON 03/30, DH did an SEMEN WASH 05/02 (1.2 mil) I also did IUI on 05/02. 05/03 DH & I BD , thoughout that night I just didn't feel right, I felt alot of pain . 05/04 I still felt funny, alot of sharp pains and bubbles in the stomach. So I took a HPT & IT WAS (I have never been more happy in my life) I posted on the wedsite, but got tagged that it could be a false positive. (I was crushed) . I searched the internet & found out that it takes up to 10 days for the HCG SHOT to leave your system. BUT there were some women where the HCG SHOT left the system within 5 days and they had a true , so I still have some hope there. I've been taking HPT EVERYDAY EVERY MORNING before I go to bed. We 05/06, but I'm really NOT in the mood to , idk what's wrong, just tired, & really don't want to be touch. It's been 3 years TTC & I have NEVER gotten a before, and I'm scared to pee test in the morning and get a . My body has been to thu too much for a . All I can do is pray for the best.

5 years ago

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