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11-12 dpo Digi Negative with implantation bleeding?

I am either 11 or 12 dpo. I have an "average of" 29 day cycle which can range from 28-30 each month. My calendar said O day was 9/27, but I had all the signs of it the next day. Got a CB digi "not pregnant" today. Didn't use FMU.

Went to bathroom and saw **TMI** stringy brown mucus on the TP. I've had an awful lot of clear mucus/discharge today that wasn't really there at all before. In fact, I was kind of dry.

I have Montgomery tubercles (whitehead-looking) all of a sudden and all preg. symptoms (nausea, cramps, dizziness, fatigue, sensitive BBs, dark circles around areola). Not imagining it all because of high hopes. I wasn't even trying! Guess it could just be PMS.

With my last child, I had bleeding the day of my expected period and tested faint + 2 days after (didn't test before period, thought there was no way).

Is it still possible I'll get a BFP after all this?

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Ooooh sounds promising!!
We weren't trying either and I am feeling some symptoms too (and am 12 dpo) with an average 34 day cycle. I won't test bc we were fairly careful this month but I think my baby fever is kicking in again so maybe we will start ttc this month!
I never got implantation bleeding but if u did with your first that's a good sign! Also of its implantation bleeding today you obvi wouldn't test pos until a couple
More days! Test tmrw ! Let me know !!! Oh my biggest clue was blue veins in my bbs after my shower about 12/13 dpo

4 years ago

I am going through exactly the same, everytime I think.. No I'm not something happens.. I started bleeding 1 day an half, then stopped then few spots.. And last night when I came home an was ferrying ready to sleep I looked in the mirror and all these blue viens in my chest all of a sudden where so visible.. I never even knew this was a sign and I googled!

I've taken about 7 tests but never understood u have to wait to test after implantation..

So I think I will have to test again? Or am I just going completely crazy lol ?????

4 years ago

Just to update everyone: I ended up getting quite a few faint positives (I was a test-a-holic this cycle). Then yesterday, I got two pretty clear positives. As the second clear positive was still developing, I started bleeding. It got heavier and heavier. I'm still bleeding. I still have all my symptoms, but I have severe lower back pain. I already made an appointment with my doctor this week to confirm pregnancy. Now it will be to figure out this mystery. If I don't end up going to the ER today.

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