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TWW 9dpo symptoms and new to the site!!

Hey everyone I'm new here and I'm 9dpo and having a few symptoms...

Boobs are killing me! and my veins are alot more noticable my my areolas.
Another is I look like a preteen lol I've gotten four new zits in like two days!!
I had abunch of maybe babies in the past and I have one child already (he's amazing lol) so I wasn't really obsessing till yesterday when i started to get sharp stabby feelings on my lower tummy(symptom?)

When I was pregnant with my son I had sore boobs and flu like symptoms so this one if i am is completely different lol.

What are ya'll feeling?!?!?! :D

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Hi Momma_kia,

I am also new on here and am also 9dpo. I don't think I have been having many symptoms besides lower mild cramping all day just starting today? Sounds like you are getting the same cramping feelings. I don't usually get af cramps but this is really my first month of really paying any attention.

I have a daughter who is five so I do not remember much of my symptoms leading up to a BFP.

Sounds like from other women on the forums, they start seeing positives on 10 dpo. Will probably start testing tomorrow and just see what happens.

Good luck to you and let keep me updated on your status.

5 years ago

I'm too nervous to text today lol I'm trying to wait till this sat thats when iAF is due

let me know if you test!! good luck! :D

5 years ago • Post starter

You have a lot of patience. I wish I had more of that. I did test and BFN.

11 DPO and Af is also due on Sat. So are you a 30 day cycle as well?

It's been a while since I have been through this. My daughter is five. I looked at the journal of my pregnancy with her and I tested two day after AF was due back then and it was positive. I just cannot remember if I tested any days before that with negative results.

I have no symptoms for that last few days.

Good Luck to you too!!!!!!

5 years ago

Hi girls, I'm a first timer, I've been ttc'ing for 6 cycles now and am getting really impatient! I think I'm stressing too much. Anyway, I'm due to get my AF on Sunday (I'm a 27 day cycle though, and ovulated on 22nd April, which would put me at 10-11 dpo today) and no symptoms at all yet apart from tender breasts, it hurts a lot under my arms. Anyway, since I'm new here and we are maybe AF around the same time wanted someone to play the waiting game with. :) wishing you the best of luck.

5 years ago

Welcome Nicole33,

Yeah that's about all it is right now.... A waiting game.....We are all in the same boat right now. I just don't remember being so impatient with my first baby. Maybe because I was younger and now, at 36, I feel like my time to get pregnant is shorter.

Today I am 12 DPO and went ahead and tested this morning and nothing. Definitely a strong BFN.

Good luck and keep us posted of your status and I will as well.

5 years ago

Just wanted to give you an update on what happened.

AF came on Sunday so I have started a new chart for May and moving on.

I am adding in the BBT charting this month.

What is your status?

5 years ago

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