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Ultrasound showed thick lining, but negative HPTS and 3 weeks late AF, could I still be pregnant?

My LMP was 12/3/2013, so I am very late (cd55 actually!!!) I have been having sudden cramps on and off for the past 2 weeks, along with in and off lower back pain. I took a ton of HPTs and all came back negative(some I perceived as very very faint positives) On 1/15-1/17, I took OPKs because I had really bad cramps and all came back POSITIVE!!!.
I went to the doctor last wednesday and all they gave me was a urine test that came back NEGATIVE. Late friday night, I went to the ER for very bad abdominal cramps and lower back pain. They gave me an ultrasound. When the tech checked my uterus, she kept asking me, "ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVEN'T HAD YOUR PERIOD?" I said yes. She said that my left ovary released an egg recently and my uterine lining was thick. She said she did not see anything and that I was probably getting my period soon. urine test was NEGATIVE, and the doc told me to make an appt for a pelvic exam.
Could I still be pregnant but be too early to see?

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Hi there. It sounds like you just ovulated really really late. Some women have that happen even if they are normally regular. The pain with the positive OPK and then later the ultrasound confirming an egg released probably means you will be due for AF ~ 2 weeks after the first positive OPK you had. Do you know how long your luteal phase is normally? If you had sex round the time of the positive OPKs then maybe AF won't show and you will be pregnant :)

6 years ago

@Shelob Yes, I did BD around the time of the positive OPKs. It was weird because the look on her face when she asked me the question. She said my ovaries are fine and that I am very fertile. The red on the ultrasound showed the blood and the blue in the tubes showed the blood flow. I have an appointment next tuesday for a pelvic exam.

6 years ago • Post starter

I have heard much stranger stories of women being pregnant. It sounds to me like you ovulated really late and the baby is too small to show up on the ultrasound yet. Your cycle could have been delayed due to stress, not eating enough, doing more or less physical activity than usual or so many other factors. This happened to me last month and my doctor told me our bodies are extremely sensitive to that stuff and a small change can throw of our cycles occasionally. I'm thinking you weren't as far along as you thought and will hopefully get some good news at your appointment :-)

6 years ago

@elysew88 Thanks. My last pregnancy, I found I was pregnant, only to to find out that I was not as far along as I thought I was. The time I conceived was around the time I was supposed to start my period so I guess I ovulate late sometimes. I havent been stressed but when I am stressed my period always comes regardless so I don't know what is going on. I havent been late for my period since my first child., sure the days were always off, but it always came, now with the tech and the doctor at the ER talking about the thick lining of my uterine and the positive Opk just a little over a week ago, I'm not sure.

6 years ago • Post starter

Hi did you turn out to be pregnant as I'm 23 days late for my period which has never happened before beside when I was pregnant with my 8yr old son I've had only very very faint pos on some Preg test brands but then neg on other brands I've got super sore nipples fatigue lower back pain Ect so I just wanted to know are you pregnant

5 years ago

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