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Does having sex the day before ovulation give me a high chance of getting pregnant?

I have been tracking my cycle to help my Husband and Ito have a better chance of having a baby. I have read a lot of articles on when fertility usually starts but I know it can change in every woman. We had sex the day before ovulation which I have been told is a great day for trying to have a baby. I would love if any mothers out there know if this is fairly accurate to know if I have a high chance of being pregnant this time. I ovulated yesterday so I know it is too soon to tell but we would like to know our chances of being able to conceive. Thank you

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My suggestion would be the day before, the day of ovulation and the next 2 days :) That gives you a greater chance of becoming pregnant. Good luck!

4 years ago

Fertility window is 4 days before O, O and the day after O.

2-3 times during this window gives you the best chance.

Not sure about 2 days after O. This might help if there's been a miscalculation, I guess.

5 years TTC. Endometriosis and adenomyosis. Surgery. 2 IVFs. No joy. Low ovarian reserve. Is there any real hope? DE IVF = next step. Much higher success rates, but so used to things not working, it's hard to feel too hopeful. Wishing others an easier time.

4 years ago

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