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What does a BFP on FRER 12dpo then a BFN on clear blue 15dpo mean?

Hello everyone!. I am a little concerned. At 12 dpo I took an equate blue line test with FMU and got a very faint line. I was convinced it was a false positive to I bought an FRER. I took it after holding pee for 5 hrs and limited drinking at 7pm, it came back a faint positive, but there was def a pink line! The next morning(13dpo) I took another FRER and got an even fainter line, but it was still there. This morning(15dpo) I took the second equate blue line and a clear blue digital, both came back BFN. I do not know what to think. Anyone been through this before, do you have any advice?

3 Answers • 4 years ago


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Sounds like a chemical pregnancy but you can't be sure without getting Betas (blood tests). If you don't start bleeding in 48 hours, go to your doctor and get yourself tested (blood tests). Sometimes your body filters out HCG from your urine so it's really light and doesn't show up well on tests.

Stay strong, its such a horrendous thing to see a positive disappear. HUGS x

4 years ago

You typically don't get false positives unless you are on a hormone that can cause it. The doctors say that if you get a positive pregnancy test you are pregnant. If you get your period before 6 weeks I think it is, they call that a chemical pregnancy. I have had 3 of them. Even if I don't get betas done, which I did go do twice, it's still considered a cp because like I said, you normally would not get a false positive. With my chemicals the lines would end up getting lighter with each test I took. It's sad and heart breaking :(
FRERs are soooo sensitive. Just last week I had a positive at 12 dpo, started to spot, went to doc next day and had tests done. My beta was only 10 but the line on the frer test was a good positive. If your tests don't have a line now your hcg would be 0 or almost 0. One more thing, digital tests are not as sensitive as the frer and I wouldn't use one until after my period was due to build up the hcg.

4 years ago

My positive showed on an frer, but not a digital. I would test again in a few days.

4 years ago

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