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New Clomid 100mg User - help with you're experience with it,

I am 42 and have been TTC for six months. I just met with an RE who suggests IVF immediately (I have no health issues to speak of). During the next four weeks I have to undergo testing.... One is to see how I respond to ovulation stimulation, so I will be taking Clomid on cycle days 5-9 at 50mg two times per day. I am nervous about side effects, number one, and wonder if anyone can tell me their experiences with it? and two, I am wondering how likely it is I could get pregnant on one round of this? I am equally as afraid of IVF!!

Any new users who can compare notes with me as we go or any experienced user opinions are soooo welcome.

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I am surprised they brought up IVF with you only trying for 6 months but it could be do to your age (no offense). They should be doing blood test(s) to check your levels (FSH, LH, Estridol, etc...) and going from there. Clomid is used to help with egg quality and as a stimulant to induce ovulation if you are not. In the "Clomid Challenge" that I read about it is done over a 3 month time span so I do believe that it is odd for them to just plan one month??? Typically they start at 50mg, then will bump to 100mg and 150mg and if ovulation still doesnt occur then that at least explains some of the problem why you arent getting pregnant. If it does make you ovulate then perhaps that is the drug to stick with, although it is not recommended to be taken longer than 6 months. Has your partner has a semen analysis to see if perhaps part of the problem is on his end?

On my own personal note I am starting Clomid tomorrow for the first time (50mg) I am 30 and just had my tubes reversed the end of March. I also have regular periods so it is likely that I do ovulate on my own, however, due to 6 egg donation cycles producing 20 eggs each time since the birth of my third child I am taking Clomid to help with the egg quality - essentially I have used up more eggs than a typical 30 year old. I was on Follistim and Gonal F as stimulants with my donation cycles and did not have many side effects so Clomid being a pill form does not scare me at all! Lol I would assume that if the injectables did not bother me that it is unlikely that a pill would...we shall see :-)

Good luck to you and if you'd like add me to your friends on here and we can shoot back and forth about symptoms of the Clomid :-)

5 years ago

I am 29 and have been TTC since 2010, miscarrying once. I am on my third month of taking Clomid as we are trying to get my periods closer together. I currently run anywhere from 33 - 38 days apart. The only thing that I had real trouble with is the mood swings. It was really bad the first month but after that it has been easier to handle. Also, it drys you out....EVERYWHERE!! Good luck!!

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5 years ago

Hi ladies, I myself am starting Clomid round# 1 tonight. 100mg CD3-7. DH and I have been trying 19months, 1 mc 16 months ago, and then nothing... I would gladly love to keep in touch for this month!! We hav found out that I have Hashimotos which was always just diagnosed as hypothyroid... and we're keeping close wraps on my TSH levels now... also found out I have MTHFR and antibodies for APAS, but it is not "active???" so they're not worried about it... (little prayer!) I just stopped my ASA this past month and this cycle was like heaven for me.... now I'm ready to be a MOMMY!!!! Good luck ladies! XOXO

5 years ago

It is my age. The doctor thinks that is really the factor...tho my bf is going this month for the seman analysis to be sure we are good there. My cycles have always been regular and I am certain I have ovulated every month since trying. It's age.

I am doing the barrage of tests... on days three and then ten after the Clomid from days 5-9. And next Wednesday I go for the HSG X-ray.

Wow! You donated eggs...that's awesome. I would love to compare info as we go. I was just telling my bf tonight that I have no friends, aquaintences or otherwise who are going through this and that makes it so much harder to have no one to talk to.

Thanks, Nummer! I will pick up some pre seed just in case!!

Jujubees: I need help with the acronyms!! MTHFR and ASA? I am so new.

I guess I thought ...well, I waited all these years to find someone I love and to have a good career...and now I am having trouble conceiving. Not fair.

My bf is afraid of the actual baby part!! LOL I keep telling him my worry is the drugs for fertility and the side effects! The rest I am so ready for! I have been blessed with good health until now and have always avoided even taking aspirin.... Injecting myself has me petrified. But it is that and maybe no baby... Or most likely, no baby. Great choice!

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Sjsylvia I am right there with you with the Clomid I start mine in 4 days on CD 5-9 and I am so worried about my mood changing, I can be very mean If im moody and I dont want to be bc then I will get depressed and lock myself away so that I wont be mean to Dh and my DD and DS! Im VERY worried about the side effects of the clomid.

April 24= Provera 10 days 1st round Clomid 50 mg Cd 5-9 June 6 CD 1 2 nd round Clomid 100 mg CD 5-9

5 years ago

Sorry! ASA is my aspirin, and MTHFR is a gene mutation that has to do with blood clotting disorder.

I had my first dose of Clomid last night before bed 100mg. Honestly, I woke up HAPPIER! lol, and I had such amazing vivid dreams that I was hanging out with an old girlfriend I haven't seen in a while! Looking forward to this journey!

5 years ago

Isn't it maddening how after 35 they start counting in dog years? I am 39 and I swear, they act like I might as well be on my deathbed!

I did three cycles with clomid last year. It made me feel really pregnant. I had all the symptoms. I was so sure I was pregnant!! Sore breasts, tired, the whole thing.

I just completed my first ivf cycle and I was terrified too. But it's totally no big deal. About mid way through the cycle I finally relaxed and was able to just go along with it. The hardest part was just getting everything organized and keeping everyone on track. The medications and the shots weren't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I actually didn't think the shots were painful at all.

We got three eggs, and one of them fertalized/cleaved. We did the transfer Saturday so now I am in the two week wait.

My advice is just to really like who you work with.


5 years ago

Shannan~ Sounds so exciting!!! God bless you and your bean to stay healthy and stong! Keep us posted! When do you test?? I am only 31, and my Dr. told us 3 months with Clomid, then who knows where we'll go... this will be my 4th pregnency, and I have 0 births. We just want to be mommies!!!!!! <3 Best to you!

5 years ago

mrsswift: So, you start the Clomid on Saturday? I start Friday night. Lets compare notes! I work M-F, so at least the first three days I am home....

jujubees: nice to hear that you only had good dreams on day one of Clomid! How was day 2?

Great to hear, Shannon! I need good stories since IVF is right around the corner! Though, my fingers are crossed for this Clomid!! Congrats on the fertilized egg .... Baby Dust to you!

My doctor says I am only doing Clomid for the "test" ... he will consider one cycle of IUI, but he would rather go right to IVF. We shall see what all of these tests say.

Apparently, being 42 IS the fertility deathbed. By 43 I do not think I can even use my own eggs during IVF - I will have to go to donor eggs. That leaves me 7 months.....

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Second day on far I am exhausted. I slept until noon yesterday (I am usually up at 7:00)!! Today I lost the hearing in my left ear (is this even related???), which is weird. Wondering if it is something else that caused that. I was lightheaded yesterday, but have not noticed it today.

How is everyone else doing with it?

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