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Clearblue Digital with conception indicator...

I've taken 2 clear blue digitals with conception indicators - 2 days apart. Both said 'not pregnant' which is cool, as I'm only about 6-8DPO (it was on the offchance I O'd early as I don't BBT or use OPKs...

ANYWAY... I know these tests show lines whether you're pregnant or not and not to judge them with the naked eye, but the test I took today - the 'test lines' are darker than they were 2 days ago - I wondered if anybody else had cracked theirs open and noticed this as well?

I doubt highly I'd be owing on CD17 (I used to track O when trying to conceive my 2 youngest children and ALWAYS Od between CD10-12)...

Thoughts? I just wondered if the progression on the test lines - even though still neg - is a positive thing or an inconsequential thing.

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More likely doesn't mean anything--my ovulation days moved from typical 14th cd to 21st cd... but aside from that you can have flucuations in your lh levels and infact I found right before my af my levels increase so I can't use an opk as a hcg home

4 years ago

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