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Restoring Fertility Yoga

I came across this in an article on CNN about how yoga can improve fertility. We bought the DVD set, and today will be our first day using it. It has four parts- menstral, follulicar, ovulatory, and luetal. I don't know if it will help, but I am excited about trying it.

Anyone else have any experiences with fertility yoga?

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I haven't tried it but when I concieved my DD 5yrs ago I used to do Yoga. And massage! I remembered last night I used to get massages when I got pregnant with her and I was getting massages again last year when I got pregnant with my MC baby.

So, I think yes - alternative thrapies can help :)

Good luck

I'm going to be giving myself foot massages, drinking green tea and doing yoga this month

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5 years ago

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