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Positive OPK cycle day 10?

This is my first month with OPK's, I am using Clear Blue Easy digital, and at cycle day 10 today, I got my first smiley face. Now what? What is the timeline you should BD to time it right? Is day 10 early for the OPK to turn positive? Do any of you ovulate this early? This is unexpected, and may be the reason we haven't been successful so far. Thank you for answering my question! <3

I ovulate early (cycle day 9-13) (11 votes)
I ovulate mid month (cycle day 14-17) (3 votes)
I ovulate late-- long cycle (0 votes)
I don't ovulate at all. (0 votes)

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Sometimes with the smilies you can get a false positive. If you eject the stick and the test window is all smudged, it probably is not valid. I only count mine if there are two distinct lines.

5 years ago

I ovulate between cycle day 6-10 but I have a 22 day cycle as long is your cycle?

2 years ago

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