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What does cervix supposed to feel like? 2 days late, tried to feel...

I have really been paying attention to my period since November. Cycle has been 27 or 28 days. My last AF was 1/15/13. I have been having left side twitches since the 11th but also felt it around the 8th.

BFN since the 11th, a little backache, but no AF. No spotting. I tried to check my CP but don't know what I am touching.

TMI: I used my middle finger and inserted all the way up. The area around where I was feeling felt like cartiliage but not sure if I was at the cervix or not. My finger was wet though and CM was thin, but lotion-like and white. Usually I can somewhat smell the blood coming, but I have not.

Does this mean my cervix is high and that I can still be preggo? My sister didn't have a period since November but kept getting BFN until January 9th. She found out she is having twins.

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Its pointless to try to use cervical position to test for pregnancy. It does not sound like you touched your cervix. It feels like the tip of your nose. sit on the toilet and insert your middle finger and contract my pushing as if your about to pee you should be able to feel your cervix then. It sounds like its high at this point and that's why you having trouble feeling it. it may feel soft like your lips instead of firm like your nose if you are pregnant. I would not advise you to do any of this because if you are preg. than your cervix has a mucus plug that you may damage if you continue to do cervical checks. We are not doctors so we can introduce infection to our cervix which can lead to miscarriage or cervical plug damage. If you believe you are preg. you have to do like all of us and wait until a BFP by urine or blood test. If there was an easier way I would be trying it now and yes I've tried the cervical evals. lol they don't work!

Try to keep your stress low. Good Luck

5 years ago

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