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Darker, shadow-like circle around the outer edge of areloa? HELP!

Hey ladies! I've been "feeling pregnant" for about 2 weeks now. Headaches every night, mood swings, crying, spotting brown week before period, light spotting in my period week (I'm now on my 4th sugar pill) and usually I have quite heavy bleeding for 3-4 days, nothing heavy yet at all. Anyway, about 2 days ago I noticed little white stretch marks around my areolas. I haven't gained any large amount of weight or anything. My weight fluctuates but I've never seen these before because of it. Today, the stretch marks are still there but my areloas looks a bit wider and there is a dark, shadow-like circle around the outer edge of them. Kinda bruise colored I guess. And my nipples/areolas are "puffy". Anyone else have this early in pregnancy? I've taken tests but BFN. Too early to test? Something else going on? Pregnant? I'm so lost. Help!

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Hmmm, sounds like progesterone. Progesterone is produced during the 2nd half of your cycle by the cyst that produced the egg when you ovulated. It keeps your period away to allow any fertilised egg to implant. If an egg hasn't been fertilised the cyst will collapse and you'll get your period.

So either you're which case you'll have these symptoms because the cyst continues to produce the progesterone or you're which case you may just have a bit of a bigger cyst this month which is producing more than normal. Unfortunately the symptoms are identical and very very uncomfortable. In particular the mood swings and the headaches sound like progesterone to me. Wait a few more days and do another test. If you don't get your period you'll need to see your doctor in case you have a functional cyst which is one which hasn't collapsed like it's meant to (quite common). Poor you. Limbo is yuck. All the best. xo

9 years ago

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