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How can I take a pee test when I pee so often?

I was supposed to get AF yesterday, but no sign! Since 7 DPO I have been peeing every 30 minutes or so. I've been drinking enough, but haven't eaten much because food just doesn't look appetizing. I think that might have to do with me peeing so often. I had creamy CM for a while, then light light yellow for a day, then none for a couple days, and now I got more creamy CM. I feel tired, back aches. I was going to take a test this morning, but I woke up at 4 am because I had to pee so bad, and when I got up at 6 am it didn't seem worth it. I took it anyways, and it showed up negative. I'm not sure if it could have been because I peed so close to taking it, or if maybe it's not my month.. Any opinions?

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Its normal try testing again in a couple days or have your Ob do a blood PT. I pray your prayers are answered!

5 years ago

Sleep helped me lol you only need about 4hrs of holding it in. Try going to a movie or trying to take your mind off it, hopefully its not something else.

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