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4dpo cramping

Ok everyone, sorry if TMI. I am 4dpo. I have had cramping since 2dpo. Now I am extremely emotional, tender breasts, cramping still...and now back pain and tired more often. I know this is normal AF symptoms but not supposed to have that until 2/4. I probably sound crazy or thinking too much into it. haha. Has anyone else experienced this at 4dpo??
I thought maybe implantation but 2dpo is 100% too early for that and 4dpo is still early...maybe I am just going to start AF early?

Potential Implantation (4 votes)
AF is about to start (1 votes)

2 Answers • 5 years ago


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iv been cramping since 2dpo also and my af is due on the 4th! lol lets both hope for the best!

User Image Becky Lyn

5 years ago

Thanks Beckylyn! FX'd for both of us!!! I compared my symptoms to last time I tracked and I didn't have anything going on this early....hope it is a good sign

5 years ago • Post starter

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