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dreaming of positive pregnancy test!

i have unprotected sex with my husband almost every time we have sex. I wasn't really thinking about getting pregnant or ttc but i had a dream a few days ago that i had taken a test and it was clearly positive. When i got into the bath this evening i noticed that my nipples were really sore and almost tender just looking at them. lol (: and i got to feeling around and on the outsides of each of my breasts in my armpits were really, really sore. im due for AF this week. my periods are really regular but my breasts are never sore when its time for my visit. i'm just curious for any ones opinions. if maybe you experienced this when you first got pregnant or is it all in my head because of the dream i had?

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Of course if you had sex during your fertile period, there is always a chance. I have heard of many women experiencing sore breast before getting their positives. I personally never experience this, but do get sensitive nipples occasionally but only around ovulation. AF and early pregnancy symptoms can often be the same. It might ease your mind to test if AF doesn't show up since it should be soon.

5 years ago

I had a dream like that with my last pregnancy. We weren't trying but weren't protecting either. I thought we couldn't get pregnant b/c I was having my period every couple of weeks. I didn't think my body had time to O in between. So I wasn't really thinking about it. I had a dream that I had a pos hpt and that prompted me to test. Home test didn't come up pos very fast so I thought it was a dud. I tested the next morning at the clinic and it didn't come up very fast either but she said it was POSITIVE!

5 years ago

I had a dream that I was watching a sperm fertilize my egg! And my dreams are vivid. I took a test and it was a faint positive! Let us know the outcome!

5 years ago

i dreamt that i got a positive test but i tested fmu and it was negative :(

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5 years ago

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