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Please Help! :) fmu vs smu

Yesterday (10dpo) I took a pregnancy test in the morning, it was negative. Later that day I took one and it was positive ( very light) but I didnt even have to squint or take it out of the test to see it. It was about 3 hours between it and the 1st one.
Waited three more hours and took another, it turned out the same light positive.

Today (11dpo) I took one this morning, again, negative? What the heck? I dont understand? I have read many forums where the smu was better for them? AM I CRAZY? :) thanks for reading.

btw, all of these tests were the baby brand from dollar general. and tests results came up with in the time allowed.

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My vote would be that you are pregnant! Congrats! I've read several posts on different sites that say when testing on 10DPO the later in the day you test the better chance for a positve result. :-) I'm 8DPO and have been having some symptoms, but I'm afraid they are all in my head, trying to stay positive.
Again congrats! I would wait and test again tomorrow just before bed just to verify it again but I feel that you have nothing to worry about. :-)

5 years ago

Thanks so much for your response! I was very dissappointed when I got a negative result this morning. I just didnt know what to think.. I am so addicted to poas that I feel like I am absolutley going crazy! I havnt been really having any symptoms only maybe some light cramping. Well I did have a bad case of acne that started about a week ago or a little after and now its finally going away.. thought that was a little funny. Hoping that you get your BFP this cycle! lots of baby dust your way! :)

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I always use fmu and clear blue digital tests. Good luck

5 years ago


I had this two i had more luck with smu until 12dpo. :)

5 years ago

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