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New to site...a little background info:)

Hi ladies. So I too am TTC my first child. I found this board through, which I use often. I thought I would give a little background info to get you up to speed.

I'm 28 years old and my husband is 30. We got married last may and I went off my birth control last June. We were just going to let nature do its thing...until i realized my periods were not normal. Now, my now husband and I got pregnant accidenlty ( on birth control) over five years ago. I had no idea I was pregnant until I had the miscarriage. I thought it was a really bad period. NOT. Anyhow...back to present day. After going off the pills my periods were out of control and random. My cycle lengths went from 45 days to 30 to 68! I decided to see a doctor and this prompted them to do a blood draw. Everything came back great except for the hormone levels my ovaries produced. Something is imbalanced in there.

Imagine our frustration when we're actively trying NOT to get pregnant and we do no problem...and now we want to and it's become a hassle. So after multiple semen analysis, HSG testing, and other tests....the doctor has determined that it's the ovary issue causing our "secondary infertility". My hubs has a good count, although 75% of his sperm are misshaped. That's not to say that they couldn't work...but it could take them much longer to get through an egg. So I was put on prometrium to start a period, and then I began Clomid at 50mg. Ive had multiple ultrasounds and was put up to 150mg of Clomid. All while taking metformin at the same time. (I am not diabetic...but doc thinks it could help)

We just had our second IUI done on april 17th. The doctor was much happier with the ultrasound than from this time around then the last. There were three very big follicles showing. 2 on one side and 1 on the other. So as of right now I am in the second week of the 2ww. Not getting my hopes up at all....

I had my progesterone tested this past Tuesday and am waiting to hear results.

That's all! Sorry it turned into a novel...but maybe some of you are in the same boat or have been?:)

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Welcome, just wanted to say hi really, im new to this site two and ttc our first child also, i am 34 in june and husband is 37.

We actively ttc last month,i kept getting negative opks at the time i thought i was ovualting, i put it down to cheap testing kits, however a few days later after i thought i had ovulated i was getting positives. didnt think much of it as i heard that you can get positives on them after you have ovulated,

so after a long ttw and af turning up 3 days late i now wonder if i did ovulate later than i thought and the kits must have been correct,

ive now bought a basal thermometer and will start to temp this month i work night shifts so it can be very tiresome doing the bd especially as dh works early days so its more important that we time it right,

so im now positive and hoping that we will get it right htis month and we are also on holiday at the time i should ovulate which will be better.

just wanted to introduce myself and wish you all the best and luck during your ttw, sounds like you have got everything checked out, and hope that you have a success very soon

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