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af due but didnt show? Lots of creamy cm? Help~!

Im in the same boat af was due today no sign of her and i have creamy cm which im normally dry. I took a dollarama test this morning and it was BFN! I do have a headache though as well as im tierd all the time. Do you think it is still too early for me to test? My cycles are also known to be irregular but the last 2 month have been a cycle of 23 days and today is day 28 of my cycle :s anyone in the same boat?

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I was reading about the CM when the period is due and you are pregnant
lots of women said it is creamy and a lot
so maybe thats a good sign as for the test some women take longer to get a positive maybe you can wait a couple of days and test again

5 years ago

gv it a couple of days & test again... hard as it is to actually wait!!

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5 years ago

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