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positive opk, but dry/ sticky cm?

this is our first ttc and i got my first smiley face yesterday morning. i got positive opk (smiley face) from yesterday morning and afternoon and then this morning i still saw smiley face. i had really watery opaque cm yesterday morning, but then this morning even though I got positive opk, my cm was dry and sticky.. not that much of it. (clear). (but since we got positive opk ..DH and I BD'd last night...) does that mean i missed my egg? (never got ewcm yet.) or is it the step that i get before ewcm? also, i heard i ovulate in 12-48hours after your first positive opk. when you have ewcm, does that mean you are ovulating? please help! :(

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Hi. Usually 5-6 days prior to ovulation you start to get a mucus build.
For some people it's more some it's less.
How do you check your mucus? You may have had fertile mucus that day, but just didn't assess it prior to bed, that does not mean that you don't have fertile mucus up at your cervix.

In that case you can use something like preseed to add lubrication, and it wont effect sperm motility.

Normally you get a mucus build up a few days prior, and as ovulation comes the mucus gets ready to dry up.

5 years ago

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