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I'm 16 DPO/CD 33. Tested October 2nd 2012...BFN. Could I still get a BFP?

Hi ladies, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I'm new to this and learning a lot from this site. So here's the deal. My husband and I are TTC and I'm on 16DPO/CD 33. My cycles are typically 28 days, however July it was 35 days :/

Im not sure if I'm experiencing symptoms or not. This would be the 1st time We are TTC. I've had EXTREMELY sore nipples, not the whole breast. I see darker veins on my breasts. I'm experiencing some cramping today & yesterday. No AF. I felt like it was coming and checked all day. I was sick with a cold from 6DPO-11DPO.

I took a test October 2nd and it was a BFN. I'm going to wait until this Saturday October 6.

What do you ladies think? I'm totally confused. We want to conceive so bad but I know it would happen the first time.

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