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Positive OPK for 3 days!!

I was just wondering if you can have positive opk 3 days in a row? I know you are suppose to stop testing after the first positive but since I didn't get a positive last month on the CBEFM I just wanted to make sure. I have had 3 postive in a row the first one I took was 4 days ago and it was neg, the next day positive but strong positive for 3 days darker than the ref line.


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Hiya, Yea last month I had 5days of peak.... This month Ive had 2peaks and now 8dpo its 2 lines on the stick.. Im wondering what it means... coz 5days ago there was only the 1 line.. Confused I am xxx

5 years ago

yes my obgyn said after 1st positive opk stop testing because you will keep getting them up to 1 week after have ovulated so its always best to test and get anegative then get a positive on our first opk test because it might been to late and have already ovulated hopes this helps

5 years ago

I get positive OPK's for three days in a row every month. Hope this helps and good luck to you! :)

5 years ago

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