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How long after the EWCM begins does ovulation generally happen?

My CM turned the egg white late in the day yesterday. Usually for me it lasts for 2 days. My DH and I BD'd yesterday and I am hoping we can today as well. I am just curious if the EWCM and ovary pain indicate that ovulation is right around the corner or has it already happened? As we all know timing is everything for conceiving so I am hoping we BD at the right times.... Thanks!

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It varies! Some women get EWCM for a few days before, while others just get one day of it. For me, I get it a few days before and sometimes the day of! OPKs and temping help provide additional info.

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5 years ago

I had EWCM Thursday for one day only, actually a few hours only, and for me ovulation will take place today or tomorrow so that is 2-3 days after EWCM. Everyone is different,

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5 years ago

I get ewcm for 2-3 days, then a positive opk, then O the next day.

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5 years ago

I get EWCM about 4-5 days before ovulation and 1-3 days before a positive OPK.

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5 years ago

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