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CD15 - Possible O on CD11/12 - Funny symptoms? Anyone else have similar?

Good afternoon, ladies :)

As per my previous post, I am currently on my first cycle of Met/Clomid combo (1500mg Met, 50mg Clomid days 3-8).

I had what I was fairly sure was a + OPK on CD11-12 then back to - on CD13.
Brown spotting on CD8, 10 &11. No EWCM possibly due to Clomid.

We BD'd on CD 11,12 &13 and I think I am now 15CD or maybe 3DPO.
My cervix was high, soft and open but NOW, it's still soft and open but very, very low.
And, I have a very strange feeling - MY abdomen is hard and very tender, I almost feel bruised but inside? And, muscle control is gone. I can't suck it in lol.
It's not something that comes and goes and it isn't gas, it started yesterday and hasn't budged, a constant dull aching.

Has anyone else had the same? I'm starting to worry a little as I have never experience anything in past pregnancies even similar to this.


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