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If I ovulate early can I take a hpt early?

Hi all

Just wondering if I ovulate early does this mean a hpt would show up positive earlier than women who ovulate late?

Thanks Vickie

2 Answers • 5 years ago


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No matter when in your cycle you ovulate, it will still take time for the egg to fertilize, travel down the fallopian tube, get to the uterus, implant (between 6 - 12 days after fertilization) and then another couple of days to have enough hcg in your system to get a positive pregnancy test.

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5 years ago


If you ovulated early then yes it is possible for you to get a positive earlier than you normal would. Since its based on how long it takes the egg to implant after conception, if you ovulated a couple of days early then you could technically get a positive a couple of days earlier and vice versa if you ovulate late.

5 years ago

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