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2 Ovaries....1 Fallopian Tube!!????

Okay Ladies.........we've have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now and it seems hopeless. Good news is I thought I only had one ovary due to an ectopic a couple years ago, but turns out I still have both!! EXCITED about But I do only have one that worries me. Has anyone had any luck with getting pregnant in less than 2 years with only one tube??????

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I have one tube open that I am working with (right side) and have been trying since Jan. I have gotten pg twice but lost both early on, other issues we suspect and nothing to do with tube. My doc did try clomid to give us a better odd of getting pg but taking a break from clomid right now. It can happen for us one tubers it just might be a little longer then average though :-) Some docs say are bodys will figure out on there own which side works and which doesnt. Baby Dust and Best Luck :-)

5 years ago

Dont give up hope! I have the same as you two ovaries one tube Im currently 24 dpo and going to test today

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5 years ago

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