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Neg HPT, CD 33(of usually between 27-29), 17 DPO, still no

Okay chickas I need some advice and opinions. I am currently on cycle day 33 but my cycles are usually between 27 and 29 days long so this is the longest cycle I can remember. I am also 17dpo. I took a HPT on 11dpo and 14dpo both negative. I *think* I ovulated on Aug. 2nd but I am not 100% sure. Right now as of today AF is 3 days late. With the negative tests but long cycle could I still be pregnant? Is there a chance that I may have ovulated later in my cycle than I thought and I just dont have enough HCG in my system yet? Please help with your best advice

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There is a chance you could be pregnant as long as you haven't gotten your period. I had negative tests all the way up until the day before I got a positive. I literally took a test on a Thursday afternoon and it was blatantly negative, and the next morning took another and got a faint line....held my pee for 4 more hours and got a solid positive. The pregnancy hormone doubles very rapidly when you're pregnant so I wouldn't rule it out until you get your period or a BFP. In the meantime (if you want to pay for them) get a good pregnancy test brand ( I used First Response 6 days sooner...and then Clearblue digital) and test every so often to give yourself peace of mind. Good luck hun! Hoping for you!!

5 years ago

I am in the almost the same boat! I am 19dpo and have tested a bunch with all negatives. My boobs have been sore for over 9 days. I was supposed to get AF on 8/20 and still a no show. I wish one would just happen, of course a BFP more so but even AF at this point so I know. I am sick of myself! LOL. Good vibes sent your way!

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5 years ago

Sadly AF showed her ugly face. Gonna sched an appmnt to see my GYNO, talk to him, maybe wait a month or two and try again. Best of luck to both you gals (: baby dust

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