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What is going on?

Hi all, I'm 3dpo and I have experienced light spotting. I'm freaking out as this hasn't happened before. 4 days ago had ultrasound and everything was fine with ovary and lining. I definitely ovulated. What could be going on?
Did bd 4 hours before ovulation. Anyone have any advice?

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It could be ovulation spotting, since it's too early for implantation bleeding.

5 years ago

I used to start spotting soon after ovulation, too. It was from a premature drop in progesterone. I started taking Vitex daily, and it took care of the spotting completely. It also helped significantly with cramps, PMS, etc. If you spot again next month, you might consider taking it. But, I hope you get your BFP this month and it won't matter! Good luck!!

5 years ago

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