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Why have i not concieved yet

I came off my depo injection (3month one) in October 2011 and I had a cycle again for the first time on 13/4/12- 22 /4/12 I then missed the month if May then I had another cycle from 11/6/12-21/6/12 then two day break then spotting till 4/7/12 and nothing since...I have also be told today that I have a TRACE of protein in my urine. What does this mean? As I am trying for a baby and sometimes this means you are pregnant....I have been having cramps in my left side of stomach, discharge aswell, hate smell of cleaning stuff, and gone off apple's actually started to heave, sleeping all day literally from 11pm-3pm and still can go back to sleep.No issues with kidneys Not diabetic Trying for baby Tested today 17/8/12and was negative
Also be on toilet all day today with diaherrea and feel as if I'm going to vomit

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