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12dpo light pink spotting,tired,mild cramps,headaches,sore boobs,moody.symptoms for a week.

The last test I took on wednesday was BFN, I am supposed to start in 2 days. I had a major hot flash today and became shakey and thought that I was going to throw up that was around 1:30pm and then went to the bathroom and wiped around 4:30 and had light pink. I never cramp before AF and hardly do when she's here. I am trying not to get discouraged on this journey but it is sooo hard not to. I would like to know if anyone has had a sucess out of something similar to me. Please and Thank You!

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I tested negative at 12DPO in February. I had hardcore PMS symptoms so much so that I let go of the idea of being pregnant until I took a test randomly at 15DPO afternoon and got a strong positive.You're definitely not out yet.

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5 years ago

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