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Others having babies but you

Hello gators, A really good friend of mine had a beautiful infant boy today. I fell in love with him. Just seeing her &her husband enjoy the gift God had given them filled me with so much joy. I am genuinely happy for them no lie what so ever.

This post is for those who may have a hard time with seeing other people with babies and still waiting for your blessing.

In March of 2011, we were told by God without any doubt that HE would gives us a child. Months went by; 5 or 6 people (our friends) announced their pregnancies. All of which were newlyweds and were not trying to get preggers.

Meanwhile we were barren.

10 years: My husband and I are still waiting. Have I had moments of frustration, anger, envy, and extreme sadness? YES.Honest gals I have had my fair share of break downs, snot-nosed, red eyes and throwing fits!!

However I am here to encourage u, your time will come, wait on the Lord God, trust him your blessings in on the way. SOON!

Please Any comments?

Jesus is the giver of life. TTC#1 BFN: for the past 10 years User Image

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Correction: Hubby and I have been together for 10 years and barren all these years, the promise of a child came in 2010.. sorry I had to clarify/correct that typo.

Jesus is the giver of life. TTC#1 BFN: for the past 10 years User Image

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Am feeling alone, kind of desperate, a failure and angry-mostly with DH. Am 30 yrs old, been with DH for 10yrs, didn't think I wanted children until a year ago and since then had 2 MC, DH not that interested in BD and always been like that. Lots of friends some married some not had or having babies that were accidents. Find myself crying on my own a lot as don't know what to do. DH say he wants kids and he always has but not interested in putting extra effort in to make it happen. Feel that life has stalled and i don't know what to do to get it going again. Sorry to rant but I feel so alone and none of my friends understand as they seem to sneeze and fall pregnant ! Hope your little miracle happens soon for you. XXX

5 years ago

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