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Will someone please look at my chart and give me some advice that could explain it...around day 11 my temp goes up(but I had cold symptoms)...I usually ovulate on cd-16...this time I don't get a thermal shift...I did do opk's this month because I feel like it stresses me out...does my chart indicate I did not ovulate this cycle????

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Can only see your April and May chart?

5 years ago

Sorry I fixed it...u should be able go see this months now

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Doesn't seem to be showing ovulation yet maybe the cold delayed ovulation?
Your other charts show clear thermal shifts...maybe you are just a day or two behind this month...keep temping!

5 years ago

Hi Baldock, I had the same problem this month. I got a really bad cold as well, coughing, stuffy nose, fever, the works. I always ovulate around cd13-15 on time every month. I know because I chart and I use opk's and check cm/cp. This month by cd 18 I still hadn't gotten a positive opk. So I figured I just had an annovulatory cycle (no ovulation) except yesterday when I took my temp and plugged it in, low and behold it says I ovulated 3 DAYS AGO. I AM ON CYCLE DAY 28. I really hope this is just a fluke cycle and I am not starting to ovulate like this. I am also hoping it was just my cold and such that put off ovulation, cause I am just getting over my cold!

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5 years ago

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