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15 DPO, no AF???

Is there anyone out there that has been in this sutuation and still been pregnant? Is there any reason for me to still hope? All 6 tests have been BFN, I know that isn't promising but I can't stop hoping...

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You are not out until AF show. I am currently 5 days late and still BFN but I read a thread on another site of a woman who was 21 days late and on her way to get a blood test the day she FINALLY got her BFP so it happens. Fx you sticky baby dust!!!

5 years ago

This happened to me and then AF came late. :(

BUT... Lots of women report a similar thing and then get a late BFP! I would say you are not out until AF shows. GL!

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5 years ago

hi im 21 dpo and no af with bfn.... did u retest? would love to hear of your outcome x

5 years ago

I am in the same boat!! I have heard there is still hope though :) I am hearing that it is more like the "2 1/2" week wait to get a positive HPT. I am trying to keep my head up even though I am sad I got a negative HPT this morning at 15 DPO and no symptoms of AF

5 years ago

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