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Have anyone used baking soda solution to clean your vagina?? To naturalized pH?

I have research this in google, but not sure if I should give it a try. It said the baking soda can naturalize your pH in your vagina, so the sperm can survive longer in there. But only use once or twice a month and 30-60 mins before BD.
If this works, how to wash and how should I dilute the soda?
Anyone have any suggestions??

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Oohhh interesting!?! I hope someone answers this! xxx

5 years ago


All I could find was curing a yeast infection with this idea, but here ya go

Baking Soda and pH Balance

Baking soda is a good home remedy for pH balance in your body. Mix 1 tbsp. of baking soda in a glass of warm water and drink it once a day. Take a warm bath with 1/2 cup of baking soda to help with yeast infections. Soak in the warm baking soda bath for 15 to 20 minutes and then dry with a clean towel. Dab the vaginal area with a clean washcloth to make sure the area is completely dry before putting on your underwear.

5 years ago

I have done this since the early 90's. It was told to me by my gyno since I am to acidic down there. What I do is once or twice a month I sit in a bath of 1 to 2 cups of baking soda. Dont use it as a duche, how ever when your in the tub you can use your fingers and work it around down there. As long as you make sure to push all the water out if any gets in there. It also helps if you get irritated by latex or dry sex sometimes. Baking soda is a natural water softner so it actually helps with your skin to. Also heard of taking baths in evaporated powder milk but you might want to research that one.

5 years ago

I would'nt recommend douching in general since you can actually flush any bacteria up further into your system. The idea about the tub sounds good but I would ask your doc. If you were to use before bd'ing there is a good chance you will wash away all of your fertile ewcm. This is an interesting topic and i would be curious what your doc or RE has to say. GL!

5 years ago

Baking soda is extremely alkaline, and will lower the pH of your tissues. This is good for reducing or eliminating micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungus. (Salting the earth) However baking soda, which is sodium bicarbonate, should be used with care to avoid irritation. Baking soda is a natural ingredient in the body - the body releases soda into the blood to prevent the blood from ever becoming acid, so it is definitely not toxic. Start with a weak concentration of of soda in water.
Mixing vitamin C into the soda will stimulate heaing and normalizing of the vagina. Alkaline forms of C are sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate powder, available from The same tonic, a weak solution of soda + C in water, may be taken on an empty stomach by mouth to do the same thing from the inside of the body. A weak dose of soda is 1/2 measuring teaspoon, and there is no limit on C, in 6 ounces of distilled or spring water. The purest water available is the Infant Water at Walmart.

4 months ago

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