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weird feelings after what i thought was af but might not have been.

ok I was 5 days late for af roughly took a test was not sure if light line or evap. AF was way lighter then usual averaging 1 pad a day. (changed it more but could have used just the one.) it lasted 3-4 days with the last 36 hours being really brown which does not happen to me usually and it vanished for about 12 hours as well then came back. none of this is nomal for me. Anyway i am still way moodier then normal and my nipples are itchy and sensitive. (blue vien also appearing on both boobs) i have been getting tired and needing a nap about 6pm. i have had headaches sore throat and stuffy nose. thirsty and peeing alot at night. hungrier then normal especially in the evening and early morning. had some nausea and nearly vomited a few time. had diarreha a few times too in the morning. What should i do. the research i have done says this could be my hormones readjusting and i am pregnant or is it just that something else could be wrong.

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The only way to tell is to take a test and a good one is the clearblue digital test. But them r symptoms of early pg so gl to u and take a test and keep me posted if u dont mind.

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Dollar store on negative still getting neg

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